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One Solution for All Your Needs


Are you experiencing problems with your hi-rail vehicle? No need to worry, our qualified mechanics will make your hi-rail truck as good as new.

Hi-rail Systems Inspection

We provide maintenance for all your hi-rail systems. We can also offer a transportation service for your vehicle and, in some cases, provide a replacement vehicle.


  • Annual or semi-annual hi-rail system maintenance

  • Hi-rail system wheel alignment

  • Breakage repair of the hi-rail system resulting from damage or an accident

  • Hi-rail system refurbishment

Procedures Carried Out During the Inspection

6 Month Inspection

We perform a visual inspection of the hi-rail system. We will get in touch with our contact person in your company to send him the work order. If necessary, we will also provide an estimate for the repairs.

Finally, your contact person will inform us of their decision.

12 Month Annual Inspection

Our annual inspection includes the same points as the half-yearly inspection as well as the verification of the alignment, the weight and the ball bearings of the wheels.

Managing Your Fleet

If you so choose, we can notify you by email or by phone when a vehicle we have inspected is due for its 6-month and 12-month inspection. We can schedule an appointment for you at that time.

Person Responsible for the Maintenance Department of Your Hi-rail Systems

For Appointment Scheduling

Sébastien Roy

Mobile: 514-608-4210


For Mechanical Follow-Up

Mathieu Dubois

Mobile: 514-219-1268


Montreal Branch

3225, Boulevard Losch
Saint-Hubert, QC
J3Y 3V6

Our Saint-Hubert branch is our main business address. Our installation trainers work full-time at this location. Our administrative department is also found here. We offer a 24-hour service from this office.

We offer maintenance, repair, alignment, installation and balancing of hi-rail systems on both light and heavy vehicles.

We have many hi-rail systems parts in stock, as well as complete hi-rail systems available in case of emergency.

Our Montreal Branch Has:

  • Road-rail vehicles available at all times

  • Spare parts for maintenance

  • Spare parts for repairs

  • Specialized hi-rail mechanics

  • Our continuous support

Our Montreal Branch Will Be Able to:

  • to handle hi-rail vehicle rental

  • to handle rental returns

  • to offer a service of qualified and certified Rafna mechanics

  • to perform maintenance on both our own as well as our clients' vehicles

  • to repair our own and our clients' hi-rail vehicles 

  • to provide replacement vehicles when maintenance is required

Sept-Îles Branch

We provide maintenance, repair and rental services.

We have many hi-rail systems parts in stock, as well as complete hi-rail systems available in case of emergency.

Our Sept-Îles Branch Will Be Able to:

  • Rent out a hi-rail vehicle from Sept-Îles (local)

  • Carry out rental returns to Sept-Îles

  • Supply spare parts for repairs

  • Provide specialized hi-rail mechanics

  • Repair both our own and our clients' hi-rail vehicles

Our Sept-Îles Branch Can Provide You With:

  • Same day vehicle delivery

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Replacement vehicle when maintenance is required

  • Qualified local mechanic trained by the manufacturers

Do not hesitate to contact the experts at RailXtra for all your needs in installation, repair and maintenance of hi-rail vehicles.

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