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Located in Saint-Hubert, on the south shore of Montreal, RailXtra is a specialized family business operating in the railway industry. For over 35 years, our family has been in the service business. More than 14 years ago, in order to meet our customers' demand, we started renting vehicles equipped with a hi-rail system.


In response to our customers' needs over the years, we offer several different types of vehicles: lightweight, mid-size and heavy-duty. Based on market requirements, in the province of Quebec we offer hi-rail system maintenance and installation as well as mechanic training for hi-rail system maintenance.

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Our mission is to always find a solution to our customers' needs across the country. We specialize in the rental of vehicles equipped with a hi-rail system and we provide installation and maintenance services for hi-rail systems. We are trainers for port and mining companies in Quebec. We also carry out maintenance of hi-rail systems for several railway companies, including Transport Canada. 

Here Is a Summary of Our History

RailXtra is a company that was founded in 2007 by Normand Roy following the towing of a vehicle equipped with a hi-rail system, noticing that the owner of the truck had no solution left to continue his work. Normand immediately realized the opportunity to help users of hi-rail vehicles and this was the beginning of a long story starting with the purchase of a Chevrolet 3500 with Rafna equipment. In the same year, RailXtra acquired six additional trucks to meet the demands of our customers. The name RailXtra quickly became synonymous with reliability and efficiency. Normand was used to providing a 24-hour service in his towing business, which could only be reflected in his vision for RailXtra.

2008 was an important year for us. In order to be able to deliver our trucks quickly, we created an installation and repair centre for hi-rail equipment. Little by little, the company built up a strong foothold in the field of specialized truck rental through a professional approach and a continuous follow-up on its vehicle maintenance.

To meet the growing demand, in 2010 we started renting vehicles in British Columbia. That same year, we made our first rentals for the Northern Quebec plan.

In 2013 we installed 10 hi-rail systems simultaneously for an order from a customer located outside our region. We then started the process of establishing a mechanical centre near this garage to offer an after-sales service that would live up to our reputation. This same mechanical centre will eventually become our partner for the opening of our branch in Sept-Îles.

Since 2007, we have built our reputation on the quality of our work, which is why since 2014, we have been training mechanics for mining and port companies in Quebec for the maintenance of their hi-rail system.

In 2016, we earned our very first federal contract with Transport Canada for the installation and maintenance of a hi-rail system equipped with an "INDIAN" system that was installed in collaboration with our partner, Zone Technologie.

In 2018, we launched the installation, maintenance and rental services of specialized heavy vehicles equipped with a hi-rail system. In 2019, we obtained the second assignment with Transport Canada for the installation of hi-rail systems on their new rail track inspection vehicles.

The year 2020 marked a big milestone in our history, with the opening of our Sept-Îles branch. We realized that there was a great need in Sept-Îles for the installation, alignment, repair and rental of hi-rail vehicles. 

We look forward to continuing our history with you.

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